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Education Device Management, Hardware and Intune

CNS is specialised in Modern Device & 3rd party Application packaging, Management with Microsoft Intune.

We are always investing in better ways to protect our education clients updating and constantly improving your schools infrastructure. With CNS, your schools environment, specifically your device fleet and applications will always be up to date and secure. CNS Leverages Microsoft 365 for the latest in cloud applications, security, governance and compliance.  

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Education IT Features


Student Wellbeing & Information Protection
Be comfortable that all your schools information is secured, with your data saved in the cloud with backups for redundancy. Identity and access management ensuring ease of access for your students and staff following best practises and where possible standards such as ISO27001.

Provide a platform and tool set for your students, staff and parent community to be connected at all times. Including multi-user collaboration on portal access, single documents and shared work spaces.

Reduce Risk (Security Standards)
Reduce risk of data loss by having your device fleet secured and monitored based on best practice, supported with CNS’ expertise. We are familiar with various control frameworks such as Essential 8, CIS, NIST and more, particularly with how these controls apply to the IT infrastructure.

Image Sourced: St Catherine's School Sydney, Microsoft Surface enabled classrooms.

Microsoft Surface for Education

"The St Catherine’s IT team were already doing an incredible job of maintaining 1,500+ devices – though the scale at which they were doing it was not sustainable. CNS and SureDeploy has provided essential automation"
Microsoft representative

The new Surface range are incredibly powerful, infinitely flexible.

There are so many benefits to choosing Microsoft Surface as your fleets primary device. Microsoft's Surface devices enable Staff, Students and IT teams rock solid hardware for their daily tasks. Here are a few, but you are best to ask your questions via a demo or discussion with our team, just enter your details in the form above.


Provides IT teams and schools with Microsoft licences additional security options over non Microsoft hardware options.

Staff and Students:

Huge range and price points depending on budgets and areas of interest.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Surface Studio model short video

Our Education Device Management Benefits

Access Anywhere

Using the latest in Microsoft technologies, CNS remove the requirement for complex solutions, providing your students and staff with a secure digital workplace.

Modern Tools

With Microsoft Intune always have the latest patches applied, Microsoft Office suite and Operating system, keep up with the rapid release of new features. Always be two steps ahead of those internet nasties.

24/7 Support

With CNS staff available all day, every day monitoring your environment, your IT team won’t be left in the dark. CNS is designed to support your school anytime for new projects or business as usual.

Identity Security

Ensure your staff and students are safe while providing ease of use in their day to day activities. CNS will review and respond to any suspicious activity while creating smart policies.

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