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Network Design
Build and Maintain

Keeping your business running relies on a stable, redundant and fast network connectivity. CNS are experts in building and maintaining high-performance networks, from core data center architecture, to highly available WAN, SD-WAN, ExpressRoute, VPN and firewall management. 



Information Protection
We ensure all your information is secured and protected while keeping on top of any anomalies or risks 24/7. From layer 1-7 we have you covered.

Making sure all changes in the environment are controlled, monitored and easy to roll back.

Monitoring and detecting bottlenecks in your network saves days of troubleshooting and “poking around in the dark”. We can see and react to issues in real time.


Our Managed Network Benefits

Incident Response

Planned incident response procedures are in place to minimise impact and provide visibility and clarity on critical situation response.

24/7 Support

CNS have staff to answer your queries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We guarantee a 15-minute response time.

Local Team

All services are delivered locally, with the team providing expert services. Our experienced team are trained to deal with any issue.

Edge Security

We monitor and manage your edge network footprint that comes with proactive alerts for suspicious traffic and events, managed 24/7.

Configuration Management

Regular and automated backup/review of your network devices, including configuration is provided through CNS’ offerings.

Proactive Support

CNS uses thousands of monitoring tools for almost every software based on our standards or in response to a vendor release/CVE.

Change Management

Monitor, view and review ALL changes in your environment. Streamline your approval process powered by CNS to keep your business agile.

Network Changes

There is nothing worse than cost blow out. CNS will execute Moves/Adds and Changes as an inclusion in your agreement.