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Procurement Hardware, Software and Licensing

CNS specialises in sourcing hardware, software and licensing that is designed to fulfil your requirements as the best price. With over 30 global fulfillment centers CNS can provide you with local stock management, custom provisioning spare parts, hardware support, storage and logistics worldwide.

With the right advice and recommendations based on your unique needs so you get a solution tailored specifically to you. From servers, desktops, laptops, peripherals, consumables and networking equipment to Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud, CNS can help!



Ease of Procurement
When it comes to procurement, give us the requirements and we will fill in the blanks. This means no more admin in researching what's best for a requirement or risk in ordering the wrong components.

Buying Power
Leverage the CNS buying power and partner levels to get the best price for all the hardware, software and cloud you need from all the top global manufactured and vendors.

Complex Resolutions
Leveraging CNS's relationship with key people at our vendors we can get quick answers to complex questions! Removing risk of miss-ordering or missing out on bundles and promotions.


Our Procurement Benefits


Let us set up, label and record everything you purchase and keep you on track. Save your office space for the people and leave the cleaning up to us!


Before you invest in any expensive hardware or software, CNS will make sure that the solution will meet all your business requirements, at no additional cost to you.


If your business prefers a monthly payment rather than upfront expenses, with CNS, we can provide a simple monthly payment plan for all purchases.

Industry Experience

With extensive experience in the IT industry, CNS have great knowledge and ability in sourcing hardware, software and licensing to suit your business.