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Cyber Security is as important to us as it is to you. We take your endpoint, network and cloud security seriously. CNS has helped numerous private and public organisations map out their security requirements. We offer advanced expertise regarding potential current threats and prevent any future threats through network security monitoring and risk management.

What's our approach?


Security, like other areas in IT, can have multiple facets or maturity levels and evolve at various rates. These phases outline below some of the typical pathways we nurture and work with our clients.

Phase 1
Security Baseline Microsoft 365 & Azure

Phase 2
Security Intelligence SIEM and SOC

Phase 3
Managed Security, Risk and Advanced Compliance

SIEM Implementation:

Risk and Compliance Frameworks:

  • Coverage of security posture
  • Discussion on regulatory compliance requirements
  • Overview of vulnerability discovery techniques
  • Management of firewall settings
  • Cutting-edge solution offering intelligent security analytics
  • Advanced threat detection capabilities
  • Rapid threat response mechanisms
  • Thorough research and embrace of essential frameworks
  • Alignment with regulations
  • Tailored to your business needs

Microsoft 365 Defender and Tenable:

SOC and Vulnerability Management:

Implementation and Roadmap:

  • Threat management capabilities
  • Utilise analytics for security
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Security score monitoring
  • Expert team coverage of all incident response aspects
  • Fine-tuning security protocols for optimal protection
  • Efficient log management practices implemented
  • Craft comprehensive implementation plan and roadmap for maturity
  • Establishment of clear roles and responsibilities
  • Foster approach to provide clear vision for the future

Dashboard Capability:

Workbook and Playbook:

Azure IAM Introduction:

Audit Readiness:

  • Alignment with selected security frameworks
  • Services encompass acting on vulnerability remediation steps
  • Coverage extends across the entire digital estate
  • Designed to optimise advanced analytics
  • Streamlined security automation
  • Implement proactive remediation strategies
  • Implement necessary controls and processes with adherence to compliance requirements
  • Have peace of mind knowing you are fully compliant
  • Enhances and reinforces overall security posture

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24x7 Response
CNS provides 24x7 Security incident Response for your devices, applications, data and systems.

We increase security by leveraging deep expertise to ensure the appropriate requirements are met. We ensure you are always in the loop when securing your business. We stay transparent so you are apart of every step of the process.

If you are in an industry that requires a high level of compliance or regulations such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, NIST 800-23, FedRAMP, HITECH, GDPR or HIPAA, CNS will wrap the relevant controls into a visible dashboard or report to make your audit period a dream.


Our Security Benefits

Risk Assessment

CNS Identify areas of potential risk and design a customised, complete security solution, not just minimising the risk but taking action to prevent the risk.

Managed Security Response

We manage your security operations to not just detect threats, but oversee, proactively maintain your servers and networks to prevent threats.

Security Complaince

With CNS, we provide security services to help oversee your cloud environment and the policies that govern it. You can trust us, to ensure that your environment is secure.

Data Security

Protect your data, increase compliance, and mitigate risk when you partner with us. CNS can help secure and protect your digital workplace from intruders, ransomware and exfiltration!