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What do we offer?

As a provider of comprehensive IT solutions, CNS seamlessly integrates Microsoft 365 (MS365) cloud services into your organisation for an effective yet efficient operating model. CNS provides an automated solution for the setup and ongoing management of MS365, using modern services like Teams, Autopilot, InTune, SharePoint and OneDrive as its foundational services.  

As a MSP, we utilise backup for Microsoft Office 365, enabling flexible recovery options tailored specifically to business requirements and providing data resilience. Our standardised approach encompasses authentication via Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, Mail/MS365 setup and device management through Intune for modern deployment. We reduce upfront costs significantly with our automated deployment platform, SureDeploy. 

CNS tackle the limitations in Microsoft Office 365's native backup capabilities with an effective solution for controlling and protecting Office 365 data, meeting legal and compliance obligations while offering quick recovery options. In addition to protecting data itself, this solution also addresses end user security by informing about potential threats and providing methods to report suspicious content.

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Our Cloud Benefits

Detailed Monitoring

In a landscape where not everything runs on a virtual machine you also need to be able to monitor, report and alert on your PaaS and SaaS applications.

24/7 Support

With CNS staff available all day, every day monitoring your environment, you won’t be left in the dark. CNS is designed to support your business anytime.

Proactive Support

We solve the issue before it becomes a problem. CNS has thousands of indicators we monitor for almost every software, service and solution based on our technical standards.

Change Management

Monitor changes in your environment and have the ability to view and review all changes. Streamline your approval process powered by CNS to keep the business agile.

Unlimited Changes

There is nothing worse than cost blow out. CNS will execute Moves/Adds & Changes you request at no extra cost.

Incident Response

CNS put in place planned incident response procedures to minimise impact and provide clarity on critical situation response.

Azure Premium Support

Leverage our Premium Support contract with Microsoft Azure for all servers with dedicated Microsoft team and critical situation control.


Regular testing of all your backup data is apart of what we do. We ensure you can recover from an incident.